Monday, November 14, 2011

About A Boy

This poor 3rd child.  I haven't really posted about my pregnancy at all.  But trust me, I'm very pregnant at the moment!

So let me fill in some of the gaps.

We found out Memorial Day Weekend that I was pregnant.  We took our Pacific Northwest trip a couple weeks later, and moved across the country about a month after the trip.  So my first trimester was mainly made up of long car rides.  The worst of it hit when we were leaving Albuquerque on our move, on our way to Oklahoma City, and I had to pull over a couple of times to throw up.  As far as sickness in general, I've noticed that I've gotten progressively more sick with each pregnancy.  All 3 pregnancies, morning sickness has stuck around for about 17 weeks, but the intensity of the sickness has gotten worse with each.

When we finally got to Florida, the timing was great, because I was still in the sicky part, but we were living with my parents, who were more than happy to help watching the girls while I was not feeling so hot.

We kept our little secret for a while, knowing that we were coming to Florida, and actually had the chance to tell our families in person, which we've never really been able to do before.  So when we pulled up in my parents driveway, the girls were wearing shirts - Kendall's said, "I'm going to be a big sister again," and Cami's said, "I'm going to be a big sister."

My mom noticed the shirts after about 5 minutes.  Then Grant's parents came over, and I think Grant had a feeling his parents might not notice the shirts, so he drew their attention to them.  Then my brother and his wife came over the next day, and it took them seriously like 3 hours to notice the shirts.  And then when my sister and her family came for a visit, my sister noticed pretty quickly.  It was fun to see everyone's reactions and be there in person for the big reveal!

Time went by and before we knew it, we found out that we were having a boy!  I actually had two ultrasounds.  The first one was around 16 weeks, and our ultrasound tech was pretty sure that it was a boy.  I needed to go back in a couple of weeks, though, because they couldn't get all the measurements they needed.  So when we went back, it was even more obvious that it was a boy.  That second ultrasound was amazing.  I felt like we got to see so much of his personality - he even waved to us!

And it should be noted that he was doing squats in the womb - at least that's what it looked like.  His Uncle John should be proud!  A future CrossFitter in the making!

Then we bought a house, moved in, went to New England for John's wedding...this pregnancy has been a whirlwind to say the least! 

The girls are so excited to have a baby brother.  We talk about what his name should be (Grant's been telling the girls it will be either Kiefer Sutherland Spear or Herbert), but we haven't made any decisions yet.  Kendall's pretty obsessed with my belly, and the other day she asked me if she was going to have a belly like mine when she grows up, and then told me how much she wants to be a Mama.  Cami loves to poke my belly and give it kisses.

As far as preparing for the birth, we've decided to go with a home birth this time around.  We're all pretty excited about it, and actually, the people we bought the house from had a home birth here, using the same midwife we're using.  I was at the midwife's office for an appointment and was looking through a photo album of some of the births she's assisted in, and I came across pictures from our house!  That was kind of weird. 

I'm due in early February, but given my track record of going a little late, I'm counting on it being close to Valentine's Day.  That's what I keep telling Kendall to give her some sort of time frame, because she wants this baby out now!  So it helps when I put it in that perspective.

So that's about it!  We haven't really taken any belly pictures this time around.  Although Grant did take one of me the other morning at breakfast.  But it's not very flattering, so I won't be posting that one on the blog.  I'll try to get a decent one soon.