Sunday, August 26, 2007

Makes You Wonder...

Last night, we had a little cul-de-sac pot luck, since this is when all the new AFIT students get here, and we have several new neighbors. (By the way, it was just this time last year that we were moving in ourselves!) Anyways, our neighbor's dog kept finding ways to get out of either the house or the backyard. They have no idea how she does it, and I suggested that they set up a camera when they're gone sometime to catch her in the act.

Which reminded me of some videos that Grant and I have seen on America's Funniest Home Videos. While I couldn't find the exact videos that I was looking for, these are still good. You just have to put up with Bob Saget's terrible voice overs.

Who says dogs are dumb?

My Opinion

...not that it really matters. We recently saw both The Illusionist (which I will abbreviate as "I") and The Prestige (which will be "P"). Why two movies came out at the same time with a similar theme, I don't know. But I do know that I preferred "P" to "I." "P" was just more of my kind of movie. While I liked "I", I thought it was pretty boring in some places. Whereas "P" kept my interest the whole time. I also love it when I'm able to figure out the twist to a movie, before the twist is actually revealed, and that happened when watching "P." Not that it was predictable by any means, I just like thinking that I might be psychic sometimes.

**By the way, this is a complete side note, but another thing happened yesterday that further proves my psychic abilities...I had a "feeling" that we would see my friend, Stephanie, at Target yesterday. No reason, I just thought we might. And we did. Oooh, scary.**

I know other people have seen both of these, so I'm interested in their opinions as well.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

You asked for it....

This was me last week at 22 weeks. As you can see, it's very obvious that I'm pregnant now. Complete strangers have started coming up to me asking me things about my pregnancy. So far, no one has touched yet, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This past weekend, Grant was able to go down to Pensacola while I stayed up here. So, instead of just sitting at the house doing nothing, I decided to go up to Michigan for a visit with my friends.

First of all, I stopeed at the new Ikea in Canton, Michigan on the way to their house on Friday. In.cred.ible. I've never been to one before, and it was truly an experience. I got lost about 3 times. I'm not kidding.

Anyways, then it was on to beautiful Waterford to visit my surrogate family. I always have so much fun when I go visit them. I realized that it had been 5 years since I first went up to Michigan to visit, and it's been an almost yearly event ever since. Although, since I've lived here, I've been up there about 3 times.

Saturday, me, Kellie, and Angela (or "Ange") went up to Frankenmuth, which Susie has blogged about quite a few times. It's such a cute little town, and they have the world's largest Christmas store. I love Christmas stores! I've never seen anything like it before.

Here's a few pictures of Frankenmuth. Please shield your eyes from my incredible whiteness.

After Frankenmuth, we went back to the house for some great din-din and many card games.

Sunday morning it was back to Dayton for me. It was great to get away, especially while Grant was gone. He's still gone, by the way. He gets back late tonight. It's been incredibly boring here without him. Very. Plus, the baby is missing her nightly reading sessions with her Daddy.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My new indulgence

I have discovered how wonderfully delicious berries with Breyer's Natural Vanilla ice cream is. Specifically, raspberries and blackberries, smushed together Cold Stone style with the ice cream. It's heaven.

Speaking of Cold Stone, Grant and I went there after we saw the Bourne Ultimatum on Saturday. Since I'm on this new berry/ice cream kick, I ordered sweet cream ice cream with raspberries and blueberries, and it was not nearly as good as the concoction I made at home the night before.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Mission: Accomplished

A couple posts back, I mentioned that we got a great deal on nursery furniture. That was the easy part. The hard part was fitting said furniture into what will be a make-shift nursery/guest room. We're not going to make a full-out nursery while we're here. There's no point, really. We'll be moving in March/April, so all I want to do is just get the crib and changing table set up. We will still need the guest bed, so we have to be able to fit it all in a very tiny room. Well, Saturday, while Grant was helping our friends, Shaun and Jessica, move into a new house, I got to work.

I measured all of the furniture in the guest room, and figured out the best configuration for it to all fit. As I originally thought, we wouldn't be able to fit the baby's dresser in the room. No biggie - I had already thought of that. We could move the dresser into our decent-sized hall closet.

However, there was an unorganized mess for me to deal with in that closet, as well as a huge box that contains our very real looking Christmas tree in the spot where the dresser was to go.

So, it was down to the garage to figure out how I could fit the Christmas tree box there. I re-organized all of our handy-dandy shelves in the garage. Underneath the shelves, we had an old recliner that we've been meaning to get rid of, that was taking the spot where the Christmas tree box was supposed to go.

Which brings us to yesterday. Grant and I moved the recliner into the Explorer to take to Goodwill; moved the Christmas tree box down to the garage; and moved the dresser into the hall closet. Then I did some much-neeeded organization the closet. So I feel like I got quite a bit done this weekend. The only thing left is to actually arrange the furniture in the guest bedroom, to make sure that all of my measurements pan out.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Real Simple is the best!

I have a subscription to Real Simple magazine, but I find myself with limited reading time these days. So, I mainly thumb through to find recipes. I'm never disappointed. The most recent recipe I found that I've used quite a bit is for a kind of no-fry fried chicken:

3 T of pineapple juice
1 T of chile garlic sauce (I couldn't find chile garlic, so I use a sweet chile sauce)
3/4 c bread crumbs
3 T canola oil
4 chicken breasts

Preheat oven to 450. In a bowl, mix the pineapple juice and chile sauce together. In a separate bowl, combine the bread crumbs and canola oil.

Coat the chicken with the juice/sauce mixture (I just put the juice and sauce in a bowl that has a lid, put the chicken in, and shake it all up). After chicken is thoroughly coated, coat each piece with bread crumb mixture.

I put the chicken on a cookie sheet, but any sort of baking dish will do. Cook at 450 for 12-15 minutes. Chicken turns out perfect everytime!

Last night, I served the chicken with mashed potatoes and asparagus. Talk about good eats!

Etsy Madness!

Another one of my friends recently started an etsy shop, filled with super-cute, daisy-themed goodies. So, if you have time, check it out! You can find it here. Her store's only been open for less than a week and she already has a sale! How awesome is that?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Welcome Baby Heidi!

Almost 2 weeks "late," Heidi J decided to make her appearance tonight. Actually, she's not late, she's just on Heidi time. I don't really know too many details, but I pray Mr/Mrs/Baby J are all doing well.


So, I'm just wondering if this is normal, or if I'm just a complete pig. I am ALWAYS hungry. Always. Don't get me wrong, just because I'm hungry doesn't mean I'm always eating. I'm really trying to watch how much weight I gain during this pregnancy, mainly because I don't want to have to lose a lot of weight afterwards. But the hunger feeling just never goes away. I try to stuff my face with fruit, yogurt, and granola bars to get me through to my next meal.

So, what's this normal? Or is it just that no matter how much I want to gain the minimal, healthy pregnant weight, my body has other plans?

Monday, August 06, 2007

Two of my favorite things

are the now-cancelled TV show Arrested Development and Charlie Brown. And after reading Haley's most recent entry, I was drawn to YouTube to find more Arrested Development clips. Lo and behold, someone made a compilation of the Charlie Brown references in Arrested Development (kind of like how there's recurring Superman references in Seinfeld).

Enjoy! But I do feel compelled to say that about 2 1/2 minutes into the clip, there is a bleeped word, for those of you who have young ones who might watch the videos I post.

Grant and Kelly - Bargain Hunters

Seriously, I love finding good deals on things. Craig's List has become my new best friend. Recently, I found a great deal on a Pottery Barn sofa sleeper ($375!!), Grant found a lawn mower for $50, and last week I found a crib, changing table, and dresser set for $250! I'll post pictures later. Well, probably not of the lawn mower,'s a lawn mower. But the couch and nursery furniture are definitely picture worthy. If you haven't used Craig's List before, you're missing out.

Then this past weekend, I heard there was a book sale in Yellow Springs. So, after we picked up the nursery furniture, we headed to Yellow Springs to check out what they had. If you know anything about this little town, you know it's a hippie/gay/new age hot spot, so we weren't sure what kind of books would be there. We were pleasantly surprised! We've been wanting to get 1,000 Places To See Before You Die. I found a copy which looked brand new for only $5 (it normally sells for about $20).

I'm sure for Grant's sake, my love for finding great deals balances out my love for shopping.