Monday, March 12, 2012

Cami Speak: Part 1

I figured Cami needed her own post, because she's pretty funny these days.

This conversation took place a couple of weeks ago at the dinner table:

Grant: Girls, do you know what tomorrow is? March 1st, which means it's the beginning of Mustache March for the Air Force!

Kendall: Ugh, your mustache is gonna be ridiculous. Is it gonna be ridiculous, Mama?

Me: Yes, it's going to be ridiculous.

Cami: Elephants drink water!


Kendall told on Cami to me for something, and when Kendall went back in her room, where Cami was, Cami said, "Listen to me, don't say that to Mama!" 

I quietly laughed from the other room, and told Grant she said that.  He quietly laughed, but then called Cami in to talk to him.  He said, "Cami, come here.  I need to talk to you."  Cami said, "What are you gonna say?"


Grant does a great job of teaching the girls Catechism questions as part of their going-to-bed routine.  He was going through them with Cami to show me how much she knows and when they got to the question, "Who wrote the Bible?" she said, "Holy men who fought the Holy Spirit." (It's supposed to be "Holy men who were taught by the Holy Spirit")

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Almost One Month

So I totally meant to blog at one week, two weeks, and three weeks after Tucker was born, but, well...I guess I'm not that great at blogging with three kids!  So now that he's almost a month (how is that even possible?), I guess I should post some pictures!

The first month has been overall, great!  There have been some trying times, but really, Tucker is a pretty awesome baby and the girls love him, so that's all that really matters!  Grant went back to work last week, but I had an easy transition, because my mom came the day he went back to work, and his mom came a couple of days after that.  So this has really been my first week on my own, and it's gone better than I expected! 

We made it out to the library and post office on Monday, and then the library again on Wednesday.  I've done my little version of "school" with the girls one day, and I plan on doing it again today.  Just because I've hit these high points, doesn't mean there haven't been low points.  I'm just choosing to focus on the positives, though.

Even though I still feel like we haven't totally gotten settled here in Crestview, we have come across some very generous people - Grant's parent's church (the church he grew up in) provided us with a meal, and so did a friend from my quilt guildMichelle, even though she's all the way out in California, provided us with a meal via my mom, which I thought was not only thoughtful, but clever.  And our church made up several crock pot meals for us to freeze and use whenever we need.  The only time I've made something so far is this past weekend, when Grant and I made pizzas for us and my parents.  It's been pretty amazing!

I mentioned it earlier, but the girls really do love having a brother.  They each tell me at least once a day, "I love our brother" or, "I love having a little brother."  That makes me so happy!  I hear horror stories of older siblings telling their moms that they want the baby to go away or go back in their mama's bellies, but we haven't had any of that.

Okay, enough jibber jabber, onto some pictures!

Grandma Betty, Aunt Mere and Uncle Tony, and Papa David meeting Tucker for the first time, a few hours after he was born.

Uncle Tony and Kendall holding Tucker

Our first trip to the hospital, for his newborn checkup.  Grant made the comment that usually, this would be the "going home from the hospital" picture, but it's the opposite for us.

Checking out his mama.

Just being handsome...

Valentine's Day

Daddy reading to all three of his kiddos

Tucker is a great sleeper!

First bath

Here's a little video of what has become a nightly tradition for us.  Every evening, after dinner, and after we read the Bible, Grant dances Tucker around.  The girls love it, and crack up every night like it was their first time seeing it.

And here's another funny little video.  The background - several months ago, when we were still living with my parents before we bought our house, Grant was about to brush Cami's teeth.  He had her standing up on the sink, and she randomly started doing this little dance and saying, "Ah ah tay, ah ah tay!"  We don't understand it, but it's pretty cute.  She still does it, along with Kendall, and the other night before bed, they were pretty hyper, and started doing it topless (don't ask me why).  They're funny little girls and they make us laugh.  Before I had kids, I would always hear about other people's kids putting on shows for the family, and I always hoped my kids would do that.  I'm glad they're more than happy to perform for us.