Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall Has Fallen

You always hear "Spring has sprung," but you never hear "fall has fallen." This was a conversation that Grant and I had the other day, and I thought it was clever. Although, he did go onto say, "winter has winteren," so...

Anyways, it's late, but fall has finally come. It's beautiful here. I'm hoping the leaves hold on just a few more days until my mom gets here next week.

You know you're getting big when...

...your dog is trying to sit next to you on the couch, and the only comfy spot is on your ever-growing belly.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dan In Real Life

Grant and I saw this movie over the weekend, and all I can say is that I highly recommend it! Probably one of the cleanest movies I've seen in a long time, along with just a really great script, and an awesome cast. It's already getting Oscar buzz, which makes me wonder...this movie has gotten great reviews, and I'm sure it did well over the weekend, so people obviously will see clean movies. Why doesn't Hollywood make more movies like this?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gifts Galore

On Saturday, I had my first baby shower. This one, I call the "Air Force shower" because my neighbors - Daiquiri and Leslie - hosted it, and it was mostly Air Force spouses. Although 2 people from work, and my best friend Kellie came, too.

It was a great shower - good people, great food, fun games, and good gifts.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Nerdiest Video Ever

I took this while we were staying at Mr. & Mrs. J's house in Albuquerque 2 weekends ago. Yes, they're watching a ping pong technique video; and yes, Grant is talking very seriously about the offense and defense; and yes, poor Heidi is transfixed by it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No words...

Some of you may know that a very close friend of ours from Albuquerque recently died. We were able to go to the funeral, which we are very thankful for. I've been wanting to say something on the blog about it, but I wasn't sure what to say or how to say it. So, I'm linking to his sisters blog, because I think she summed it up the best. So please, take a minute, and read Laughter Thoughts.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's Happening Again...

Every day this week, around the same time (which would be right now - 2:30 pm), I start getting these really intense hot flashes. I even wore a short sleeved shirt today to help alleviate the heat, but no such luck. I feel like I'm wearing a wool turtleneck sweater. People are probably about to start bringing heaters into work because of the season change, and all I want to do is wear a tank top and shorts, and bring in a fan and preferably a little kiddie swimming pool. Is that too much to ask?

One More New Link

I've been meaning to add this link to my friend's blog for a while, and just now got around to it. Check it out, especially if you're into theology discussions. This is definitely a different Ryan than I knew in high school....but in a good way!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What's Happenin'

Not too much here. I really haven't had much to write about.

I did go to the first art club meeting for ASPA (AFIT Spouse Association) last night. My neighbor, Dawn, is heading it up...she's super cool and super artsy, and she'll also be doing my pregnant pictures later this month. We made coasters out of kitchen tile. They're lovely.

I'll be heading to P'cola this weekend to spend time with the fam. I'm so excited! I haven't been home since Christmas, and a pregnant girl needs to see her mom! It will be a quick trip, but it's much-needed.

On the same note, we were thinking of going home for Thanksgiving this year, since we can't go home for Christmas. But after talking to some people in our childbirth class, I think I've been talked out of it. Being 3 weeks away from my due date, and driving 12 hours (without stops, so probably more like 15-16 hours, thanks to my smushed bladder) down to Florida doesn't seem like much fun. So, we'll just more than likely stay here this year. I'm kinda bummed about that, because, I have to say, Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. My mom's cooking is at her all-time peak of the year (which is saying a lot, since she's the best cook I know), and it's always such a great time. I asked her to go ahead and plan on making some biscuits and gravy while I'm home this weekend. She's also going to make one of my favorite dinners on Sunday, along with pumpkin cheesecake. I love my mom!

I'm totally rambling now, so I'll stop.

Okay, just one more thing...I can't believe that she-who-is-yet-unnamed is only about 75 days away from making her appearance! The time is flying by. She's already making her presence known by all sorts of strange movements in my belly. I love it.