Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No words...

Some of you may know that a very close friend of ours from Albuquerque recently died. We were able to go to the funeral, which we are very thankful for. I've been wanting to say something on the blog about it, but I wasn't sure what to say or how to say it. So, I'm linking to his sisters blog, because I think she summed it up the best. So please, take a minute, and read Laughter Thoughts.


  1. I'm glad Grant came and introduced himself- it was really neat to meet the people I've heard so much about. Maybe we'll get the chance to meet sometime... just under far different circumstances, hopefully.:)

  2. tinka inka11:13 AM

    i'm glad you guys were able to get out there for the funeral. i'm sure the family was happy to see you.

  3. I am shocked, as I have met the family a time or two when we lived in ABQ. I really and truly feel for everyone and glad to know they can also rejoice that he is in heaven!
    We also in the past couple weeks experienced the death of my dear 23yr old cousin's husband whom we were quite close. We may never understand God's reasoning but must trust in His purpose and plan.