Monday, August 13, 2007

Mission: Accomplished

A couple posts back, I mentioned that we got a great deal on nursery furniture. That was the easy part. The hard part was fitting said furniture into what will be a make-shift nursery/guest room. We're not going to make a full-out nursery while we're here. There's no point, really. We'll be moving in March/April, so all I want to do is just get the crib and changing table set up. We will still need the guest bed, so we have to be able to fit it all in a very tiny room. Well, Saturday, while Grant was helping our friends, Shaun and Jessica, move into a new house, I got to work.

I measured all of the furniture in the guest room, and figured out the best configuration for it to all fit. As I originally thought, we wouldn't be able to fit the baby's dresser in the room. No biggie - I had already thought of that. We could move the dresser into our decent-sized hall closet.

However, there was an unorganized mess for me to deal with in that closet, as well as a huge box that contains our very real looking Christmas tree in the spot where the dresser was to go.

So, it was down to the garage to figure out how I could fit the Christmas tree box there. I re-organized all of our handy-dandy shelves in the garage. Underneath the shelves, we had an old recliner that we've been meaning to get rid of, that was taking the spot where the Christmas tree box was supposed to go.

Which brings us to yesterday. Grant and I moved the recliner into the Explorer to take to Goodwill; moved the Christmas tree box down to the garage; and moved the dresser into the hall closet. Then I did some much-neeeded organization the closet. So I feel like I got quite a bit done this weekend. The only thing left is to actually arrange the furniture in the guest bedroom, to make sure that all of my measurements pan out.

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  1. Anonymous9:39 AM

    i am the queen of reorganizing furniture! if i lived near you i would totally come help. i'm most definately stronger than yo_mama.