Monday, August 06, 2007

Grant and Kelly - Bargain Hunters

Seriously, I love finding good deals on things. Craig's List has become my new best friend. Recently, I found a great deal on a Pottery Barn sofa sleeper ($375!!), Grant found a lawn mower for $50, and last week I found a crib, changing table, and dresser set for $250! I'll post pictures later. Well, probably not of the lawn mower,'s a lawn mower. But the couch and nursery furniture are definitely picture worthy. If you haven't used Craig's List before, you're missing out.

Then this past weekend, I heard there was a book sale in Yellow Springs. So, after we picked up the nursery furniture, we headed to Yellow Springs to check out what they had. If you know anything about this little town, you know it's a hippie/gay/new age hot spot, so we weren't sure what kind of books would be there. We were pleasantly surprised! We've been wanting to get 1,000 Places To See Before You Die. I found a copy which looked brand new for only $5 (it normally sells for about $20).

I'm sure for Grant's sake, my love for finding great deals balances out my love for shopping.


  1. tinkerwiththis12:53 PM

    nice job! i wanted to hit up the thrift stores this weekend but when i left joannes with 45 dollars worth of fabric i thought i better stop there....

  2. But did you know the my own little hamlet of Newark is featured in one of the 1,000 places! Guess you HAVE to combe visit now!