Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Opinion

...not that it really matters. We recently saw both The Illusionist (which I will abbreviate as "I") and The Prestige (which will be "P"). Why two movies came out at the same time with a similar theme, I don't know. But I do know that I preferred "P" to "I." "P" was just more of my kind of movie. While I liked "I", I thought it was pretty boring in some places. Whereas "P" kept my interest the whole time. I also love it when I'm able to figure out the twist to a movie, before the twist is actually revealed, and that happened when watching "P." Not that it was predictable by any means, I just like thinking that I might be psychic sometimes.

**By the way, this is a complete side note, but another thing happened yesterday that further proves my psychic abilities...I had a "feeling" that we would see my friend, Stephanie, at Target yesterday. No reason, I just thought we might. And we did. Oooh, scary.**

I know other people have seen both of these, so I'm interested in their opinions as well.


  1. I just recently saw both of those movies too. I didn't really mean to, but my brother highly recommended "P" to me so I was going to order it when we had a free Netflix trial. I accidentally ordered "I" because I couldn't quite remember the name of the first movie, but knew that it was about two illusionists. It's funny because on Mrs. J's blog she mentioned watching "I" on Cody's recommendation, when later he revealed on the comments that he actually recommended "P."

    I watched "I" and then ordered "P" and watched it. I definitely liked "P" better. I thought it was a much more interesting movie overall. I figured out part of the twist in "P," but definitely not to the whole extent.

  2. I saw both at the same time, and I can never remember which is which. But, I liked the one without the hats better. Which one is that? haha. I think it's the one with Edward Norton. They were both good, but I definitely liked the one with Norton better.

  3. I saw "I" first then "P" and then I actually saw "I" again, because Amy wanted to see it. I liked "P" better, more elaborate story and I enjoyed the competitive aspect of the two magicians, rather than the seemingly eerie tricks of mr. norton. I too figured out part of the 'twist' but I did not see the "two" Christian Bale's coming.