Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This past weekend, Grant was able to go down to Pensacola while I stayed up here. So, instead of just sitting at the house doing nothing, I decided to go up to Michigan for a visit with my friends.

First of all, I stopeed at the new Ikea in Canton, Michigan on the way to their house on Friday. In.cred.ible. I've never been to one before, and it was truly an experience. I got lost about 3 times. I'm not kidding.

Anyways, then it was on to beautiful Waterford to visit my surrogate family. I always have so much fun when I go visit them. I realized that it had been 5 years since I first went up to Michigan to visit, and it's been an almost yearly event ever since. Although, since I've lived here, I've been up there about 3 times.

Saturday, me, Kellie, and Angela (or "Ange") went up to Frankenmuth, which Susie has blogged about quite a few times. It's such a cute little town, and they have the world's largest Christmas store. I love Christmas stores! I've never seen anything like it before.

Here's a few pictures of Frankenmuth. Please shield your eyes from my incredible whiteness.

After Frankenmuth, we went back to the house for some great din-din and many card games.

Sunday morning it was back to Dayton for me. It was great to get away, especially while Grant was gone. He's still gone, by the way. He gets back late tonight. It's been incredibly boring here without him. Very. Plus, the baby is missing her nightly reading sessions with her Daddy.


  1. kelly - we want belly shots!!! since you moved so stinkin far - it is the least you could do!