Thursday, June 01, 2006

She's a Maniac...Maniac on the Floor!

Mrs. J and I started our summer hip-hop cardio dance class tonight. Which wasn't really hip-hop, because the regular teacher couldn't make it, so we had a sub, and she was really into jazz/aerobics.

The class was comical, to say the least.

I'm not sure what was funnier...the teacher throwing dance terms around like any of us had any sort of dance history (which none of us did) and the blank looks on our faces, as we try to figure out what she's talking about, or our reflections in the mirror as we attempted to dance.

The whole thing went so fast, it's kind of a blur. I'm sure there will be many blogging opportunities (and maybe pictures) that come up in the next 7 weeks as the class continues.


  1. Anonymous9:06 AM

    That was SO fun--I have an extra spring in my jazz step today!

  2. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I've got some good Jazzercise tapes in my collection. If you want to borrow them for exta credit in your class, just give me a holler. Yo Mama also qualifies for this offer.

  3. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Thanks for the offer, Mr. J, but I'm over Jazz. Bring on the hip-hop, fo' rizzle!

  4. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Thanks for the offer Mr. J, but I'm over Jazz. Bring on the hip-hop, fo' rizzle!

  5. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Mr. J,
    That is an extremely gracious offer. Personally I prefer rockercise, countriercise, or possibly rappercise.

  6. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I heard that Rakwon was going to be the substitute instructor this week!!