Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tag, I'm It!

I just realized that I was "tagged" by Pinky earlier this week, so since I have nothing better to blog about, I thought I'd post MY three-themed Meme.

Three things I am doing right now: Trying to wake up (it's 7:30 on a Saturday), typing, and thinking of a third thing that I'm doing right now and not coming up with anything.

Three nicknames: Kiwi, Kell, Kel-Bel

Three people that make me laugh: Grant, Summer, and Pinky (but she totally brings it on herself!)

Three things on my floor: A book, a blanket, and an empty plastic bag that I need to throw away.

Three things I can do: Make my 4th toe point straight up with all the other pointing down (it totally freaks Grant out), spend money, take decent pictures (totally amateur, of course. I want to take a class someday).

Three things that I love: (these are things, not people) The beach, the mountains, the mall.

Unfortunately, I'm supposed to tag 3 people, so here goes, even though I know they won't do this - Jasmine, Haley, and Cheri.


  1. pinky8:24 AM

    You did it! I did not think you would do it! And not sure the other 2 will do it either. That is ok though.

    Can you really make your toe point up? I would be so impressed if you could.

  2. Kelly8:56 AM

    I'm pretty sure you've seen me do the toe thing before. I have pretty weird feet...remember my arches?

  3. Kelly9:09 AM

    Actually, my toe sticks out, not up, and all my other toes are down.

  4. pinky4:13 PM

    I know! I have seen it - but what I am saying is that it would be amazing if you could not do that - now that i reread my post I did not say what I wanted to say - I have been pretty out of sorts lately.

    I actually don't know what I was thinking or trying to say! How is that for a laugh!

  5. pinky4:15 PM

    Just in between Jesse and Joanna's wedding - wish you were here! IT was very nice and her dad started to tear up a little during the final prayer. Not to mention that Randy and her dad were a little brutal with them both! It was very fun to be a part of! We are off to the reception in a few minutes.

  6. So I'm cheating. I'm going to answer the questions but on your comments instead of a blog post.

    3 things I'm doing right now:
    -Just stained our cedar fence
    -Showered from feeling yucky
    -Getting ready to put Shannon to bed.

    3 Nicknames
    -Baby Doll (only from Patrick though)

    3 People that make me laugh
    -My sister Brittany
    -Patrick ~especially when he dances like Napoleon
    -Kristin & Shannon ~they are always up to something cute

    3 Things on my Floor
    -Fisher Price Radio with a microphone
    -Blue blanket that was given to us when Shannon was in the ICU in Abq. I think the kids were using it to make a tent.
    -A honey-please-do list for Patrick that he obviously is keeping close in hand. ;)

    3 Things I can do
    -Carry my little Lauryn around 24/7 while packing Shannon around too (he's almost 30 pounds!)
    -Pretend I know how to knit because Kristin wants to learn but I have no idea what we are doing??? Maybe that doesn't count as something I CAN do. Okay then, I can use a deck spayer to stain our fence.
    -I can make cute cakes for my kids for their birthdays. I'm getting ready to make a Tonka truck for Shannon's 2nd birthday in just over a week.

    Three things (not people) that I love:
    -Chocolate ~and lots of it! and not just when I'm pregnant

    3 people I'm tagging (that should post on Kiwi's Blog) :) Especially since none of you have your own, Yet!