Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's a Boy!...Or So I've Dreamed

I just had my second dream in which I find out our baby is a boy. My mom dreamed that all 3 of her children were boys, and only 1 was, so I'm not putting too much stock in dreams.

I also took did that Chinese chart thing that tells you what you're having, based on your age, and when the baby was born, and it says I'm having a girl. Again, I put absolutely no faith in this - in fact, I think that chart thing is ridiculous. My friend kept asking me if I did it, so one day when I was really bored, I did it.

What I'm really going by right now is the fact that SixBit says I'm having a boy. SixBit is very wise, so if he says I'm having a boy, it must be true. In fact, I'm thinking of not even getting an ultrasound done, based on his wisdom.


  1. tinka wit' it12:06 PM

    contest @ my place!

  2. The Chinese chart thing said we were having a boy. It was wrong.

  3. I totally had that dream too--and the boy was also 8 lbs! Chinese chart also says I'm having a boy.

    In my ultrasound the other day I asked if they could check and make sure it was a girl and they couldn't. My baby is too modest. But for her closet full of pink, she better be a girl!

  4. Anonymous5:08 PM

    don't get me all excited like that! i thought you found out!

  5. Sixbit in his wisdom also thought that the mullet was a sweet 'do...so take that into consideration.

  6. That's just more reason to trust his judgment.

  7. worse yet sixbit got his mullet permed...definitely consider the source...although he did correctly guess that I was having a boy!

  8. SixBit7:47 PM

    Hey - I read these things!

    You have brought back some nostalgic memories: the BugleBoy pants rolled at the ankles, no socks with boatside shoes, and rocking out to the likes of Stryper, WhiteCross, and Rage of Angels all while the wind blew my through my sweet locks. Those were the good days - they'll probably roll back around when your kids are teenagers.

    I need a 'FIX fix so one of you needs to cough it up and quit hoarding it because I 'gave' it to you a long time ago.