Sunday, August 24, 2008


Grant's brother, John, turned 30 the other day. We couldn't let that go unnoticed, so we planned a surprise birthday party, inviting a bunch of people from his church, plus a couple of friends from work, and Andy and Megan even came up from San Diego! We had the party at our favorite park - Point Fermin, which is this beautiful park on the cliffs over the ocean.

So, earlier in the day, I met John's pastor's wife, Cindy, and a few others at the park to start getting set up. In the meantime, John was getting to our house, thinking he was coming for dinner. Once I came home, Grant nonchalantly suggested that we go to the park before dinner, since it was a nice day out, and it might be fun to take a walk. So, off we went.

After walking the perimeter of the park, we just happened to come across this huge group of people running at us, yelling "SURPRISE!!!" Needless to say, John was pretty surprised.

Once the party got started, Margarit and Lisa suggested getting a pinata, which was a fantastic idea. Nothing's funnier than watching a dizzy, blindfolded 30-year-old man swatting at a pinata!

All in all, the party was a success. Thanks to everyone who helped out - whether it be for setting up, grilling, bringing food, etc - we couldn't have done it without you!

Here's some video and pictures for your viewing pleasure. For those of you who are familiar with my "blogging world," keep an eye out for Megan, from There's Treasure Everywhere, and Melissa from Galloping Cows.


  1. What a perfect party! :) Good work!

  2. say... he's rather cute.. and i didn't notice a wedding ring... :)

  3. The best line of the day was "It seems like this might be the one sport you're not good at, John." (in regards to the 30-year-old swatting the air in the vacinity of a pinata). :o)
    Too much fun!

  4. Yes, tons of fun was had by all. Thanks again Kelly (and others) for setting everything up. I know you put alot of effort into this, and it turned out to be a really special day for me!

  5. JOHN! loved the hat! everyone was making fun of you for batting at the air BUT no one has mentioned anything about that hat!!!!

  6. What a fun party it was! Huge kudos to Kelly and Cindy for planning it all!

    Pinky is right...the hat was quite festive!

  7. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Yes, Cherry,we are wondering about the lack of wedding ring ourselves.
    So John, is there anyone special in your life?
    Debbi & Larry