Monday, July 20, 2009

Best $7 I've ever spent!

So, at church, they have this little Fisher Price Doodle Pro in the nursery. When Kendall goes in the nursery during Sunday School, this is the thing she gravitates toward, and we have to pry it out of her hands when we leave.

So, I got the great idea to buy one of our own, and take it to church with us, so maybe she'll actually sit quietly thru the service (instead of yelling, "choo choo" when a train passes).

Today, we were meeting up with Edie and the kids, and Kendall was being a little restless before we left. So, I went to Target before I met with them, to buy one of these things, thinking I could pull it out if she was being particularly ornery (like that word?) to calm her down.

So I bought it, and kept it in the bag. forward to us driving down Hollywood Blvd, checking out all the freaks in homemade costumes. I pulled over in front of the Chinese Theatre, so the kids could get a better look, when all the sudden, Kendall started screaming! I quickly scanned the area to see if there were any characters that would scare her, but I didn't see any.

The next second, frickin' Freddy Krueger - of all people - stuck his head and his long Freddy Krueger fingers in Edie's window, and said, "Sorry, I didn't see the kids." To which Edie told him, "Okay, so keep moving!!! Go away!!!"

Needless to say, Kendall was pretty upset by the site of him, so, I whipped out the handy dandy Doodle Pro, and she immediately stopped crying, and started "drawing."

She's been attached to it ever since.


  1. We own like 10 of thoes, ones that stay in the car, stroller, diaper bag, living room, ect...the kids LOVE them!! Wait till holidays and they come out with special ones that make great stuffers for Christmas stockings and Easter baskets :-)

  2. That's the erasable drawing pad thingie I'm always talking about. Collin has two. One that was $1 at Target as a stocking stuffer and one that was $1 at a garage sale...his FAVORITE toys EVER!

  3. tinka8:22 AM

    brilliant! maybe she'll be an artist and you'll look back on this experience and think of how you started it all just by wanting to keep her calm.... :)