Sunday, August 23, 2009

Galloping Kandid Maddy

We had a meeting of the blog worlds the other day. Jen and Maddy moved to New Zealand almost a year ago, but they were back in town for a layover on their way from Rhode Island back to New Zealand. So we all got together at Melissa and Mookie's house. It's been a while since we were all together, so it was fun to see the changes.

At first, Kendall was playing shy, so she didn't really smile that much. See?

But then Melissa and Jen started dancing like crazy and making silly sounds, so the smile eventually made an appearance.

So, that was around lunchtime. After that was naptime for the girls and the mamas, so we met up again for dinner. A fun time was had by all. Melissa and I wish Jen would've stayed longer (or better yet, move back!), but something about her missing her husband made her want to go back to kiwi-land.


  1. Yeah! a good pix of the "bump" I love bump pix. You look cutie!

  2. these are sweet pictures! i love the one of the girls on the swing, so cute! miss you guys!!!!