Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Kendall absolutely loves her new little sister. She hugs on her and kisses her constantly. When Cam cries, Kendall tries to make her stop by holding her hand, and patting her head. She's so sweet with her, it brings tears to my eyes sometimes.

Things have been going really well with two! I've been really suprised and blessed. Don't get me wrong - we've had some moments. Like the time I took both girls to Trader Joe's. It went so well there, that I thought I could make a trip to Target also. That was too much. Once we were finished, I was trying to leave the store, but Kendall wanted to sit in the chairs at the Starbucks. I figured instead of having her throw a fit about not being able to sit in the chairs, we'd go sit there for a few minutes.

She ended up hitting her head on a table, which started a screaming fit. Which started Cameron screaming, too. Cameron was in the Moby, but I ended up having to pick Kendall up and carry her on my hip out of the store, because she refused to walk. You should've seen all the sympathetic gazes I was getting. I became "that mom."

But really, those incidents are few and far between. I've been blessed with two little sweeties, and I love it.

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