Friday, November 26, 2010

I Do, Do You?

Have your Christmas decorations up, that is. Last year, I was really unmotivated to put up decorations...maybe that was because I had a newborn, and we had gone to Florida for Thanksgiving, and I was stressed at the thought of travelling with two babies across the country, so I didn't want to think about decorating a house. Or maybe not, who knows?

Anyways, this year, I have definitely been in the Christmas spirit! I really do love decorating for Christmas, so I was glad to see that the spirit hit me this year.

A couple of weeks ago, while Grant was on a solo trip to Ikea, he came back with something for me - which is a very rare thing, which is what also made it so special! He knows I love Christmas decorations, and when he saw this set of Christmas trees, he thought of me.

I absolutely love them! Don't they look kind of Dr. Seussy? I think so.

I might put pictures up of other decorations, but right now, the house is kind of in disarray, and not very picture-worthy. But our tree sure looks pretty!

I had a little elf help me. Not this elf, though...He's just here to keep an eye on us.

Something about that elf on the shelf and the books behind him just makes me laugh.


  1. Grant did really good--I love the trees, and I agree that they look "Dr. Suessy"

  2. I like the contrast of the elf and the Van Til/Icons of Evolution. Those books need to lighten up! I am seriously thinking of ordering some of your stockings! Those are so beautiful!