Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kendall Speak - Part 7

The other day, Kendall had a little lipstick case that my mom had left here...you know, the kind with the little mirror in it? She put bobby pins in the case, and then she'd open the case, look in the mirror and take her bobby pin to her cheeks and her nose and she'd say, "I puttin' goulash on my cheeks and nake up on my nose."

For those that don't speak Kendallese, that's blush on her cheeks and make up on her nose.

Just now, while she's avoiding eating her breakfast, she asked if I wanted to see a trick. Of course, I did, so she did a somersault. Then I told her what trick I really wanted to see, and that would be making her breakfast disappear.

She said, "Okay! I will put my breasksast under my table!"

1 comment:

  1. J. Spear12:43 PM

    Well, that last part about breakfast was pretty funny (and a bit ratty I must admit). Funny girl!