Monday, April 04, 2011

Modern Relief - Japan (Week 1)

Okay, guys, I really try to keep my quilting stuff to my quilting blog, but over the next few weeks, I'll be mentioning a little about it here.  But trust me, it's for a good cause!

Head on over to Modern Relief to see how you can buy raffle tickets (as low as $10!) to possibly win a beautiful handmade quilt!  Best of all, the proceeds will go to Mercy Corps, which is an organization helping out in the relief efforts for Japan. 

Each Monday until May 16, Modern Relief will be unveiling a new set of quilts up for grabs (you can see the quilts revealed this week here).  It just started today, so head on over there and see some of the beautiful things people have made...who knows, maybe one of them could be yours!  (Mine will be revealed on Modern Relief's site next week, but you can see it on my other blog here)

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