Friday, June 03, 2011

Kendall Speak - Part 10

Grant was putting Kendall to bed, and he always goes over the catechism questions with her.  I guess she was really engaged in the questions, so she started having a pretty deep theological conversation with him.  They were talking about original sin and death and how that's related, and Kendall said, "Well, I not gonna die.  I don't do bad nings (things)...Cami does bad nings."

If you know anything about LA, you know that there's a ridiculous amount of interstates.  Kendall always wants to know which interstate we're going on, and she usually thinks everything is the 405.  A while back, we had to take two interstates to get to where we were going - the 710 and the 91.  Not the 405. 
Her:  "Mama, are we on the interstate?  Are we on the 405?" 
Me: "No, we're on the 710."
Her:  "Oh, I know all about the 710, you don't need to tell me about that."

She's doing this new thing, where she sits at her little table, "reading".  She'll sit there for the longest time, looking at the pictures of whatever book she's reading, turning the pages, etc.  I was getting dinner ready and I said, "Kendall, are you reading?"  She said, "Yeah.  It's called relaxin'."

The other morning, I got up early to sew, and Kendall decided to get up early, too.  I usually don't let her up before her clock turns green, but this was Memorial Day, and she was standing outside her door saying, "Mama, it's a howiday!  It's a howiday!"  So I let her get up.  So, she was watching me sew, and she said that when she grows up, she wants a sewing machine just like mine.  Except pink.  No, white.  Maybe purple.  Then she said she wanted her own kitchen and I said that someday, she'll get her own house.  She got very upset by that thought, then said that she would get a house right next to ours, and Cami would also get a house next to us.

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  1. she's right it IS relaxin!! lol i love it!!! what a sweetie!