Monday, March 06, 2006

To Summer,

I have nothing to say. But I still managed to update the blog. Isn't that cool?

And I just realized, I'm such an accommodating person. First, Cheri asks me to update, so I did. Now, I'm updating for Summer. I'm a nice person, I guess.

Oh, and Haley was asking on her blog what people's favorite words are. Mine is "gunnu," which is a combination of "going to." I love it, it makes me smile (kinda like the way Summer gets when she deals in euchre). Feel free to tell me what your favorite words are.


  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    obviously, Grant's favorite is ATER!!

  2. um, no. i think that's your favorite, edie.

  3. tinker1:58 PM

    i've been on a 'seriously' kick lately, but my favorites would have to be words like sexalicious and fartalicious and basically any word i decide to add 'licious' to.

  4. so, for instance, grant would be "fartalicious." did i use it correctly?

  5. Thanks, Kelly, for a post dedicated to me. I like the word skyful, esp. in reference to love. My pawpaw (dad's dad) always says he loves us a whole skyful anna hafe.

  6. I posted this too on miss miss (its just too long and I don't want to spell out that blog's name)- I think my favorite word would have to be ginormous! (I know i have no idea how to spell that) I was thinking I will have to use it more these days so don't be surprised if I say "Wow! Those oranges are ginormous!!"

  7. yo_mama12:16 PM

    My favorite word is "uugghhhh" from "Pinky's" post on More Water, after no one answers her question.