Friday, March 03, 2006

Yes Ma'am!

Cheri says I need to update my blog, so that's what the following nonsense is for.

So today and yesterday, I've gone to the church to help with quilting. I'm not a seamstress at all (ask Rick Davidson about the really pathetic camoflauge heart-shaped pillow I made for him), so I refuse to do any sewing, but I'm helping with what I can.

I have my really ugly new haircut in pigtails today, because that's what I felt like doing with it.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a bridal shower for a girl from our church. It should be fun. I'm excited to see if Joanna has any good news about her mysterious date with Jesse tonight.

That's about it. Enjoy, Cheri!


  1. Your new haircut isn't ugly.

  2. I can definately top any hair cut you could possibly complain about. Did you see my last blog? My hair is half black and half yellow! Seriously, I think I have it much worse in the hair department. Well, I hope you can wake up tomorrow and have a great hair day for the shower. ~I'll pray for that. Jasmine

  3. what about your "rebel" haircut, when you shaved it underneath, and wore the longer part in a pony tail.

  4. tinker6:48 AM

    yeah, i agree. the new haircut isn't ugly.

  5. time to update again.