Thursday, April 27, 2006

College memories

This is going to be somewhat of a 2-parter, so just be warned...

I was just thinking today, that although I went to a really sucky college, I have very fond memories of it and my friends that I made there.

I played soccer all 4 years, but I wasn't all that great. I had more fun laughing at people with my BFF, Kellie, than actually playing. It was, after all, PCC collegian soccer, which was nothing to take too seriously, although some people did. We were the Zeta Kappa Generals. Notice our long cullottes that we had to wear.

Bible conference always brings back great memories! Okay, maybe not. Five church services a day for a week were a bit much. I swear, if I had to hear Pastor Clyde Box tell about how his granddaughter wet the bed with him in it, one more year, well, I don't know what would happen. I heard the story 4 years in a row, I think that's plenty!

Here's "the group" standing outside the Varsity Commons waiting for the back-to-back morning services. I specifically remember this day. I decided, since my skirt was a little short (it had to be at the top of the knee while sitting), I thought I should wear hose, so I wouldn't be breaking 2 rules simultaneously (we had to wear hose every day, but I never did, and got away with it, cause I was a town student). Well, in between services, Kellie and I went to go get a drink of water. Machelle Kingsley (that name still gives me shivers!) was standing by the water fountain "checking" to make sure the girls were dressed appropriately. Kell and I saw her, and started to laugh, so we quickly got our drink of water, and ran back to our seats as fast as we could. We were sitting in the balcony, and I remember seeing Machelle walk down the stairs to the front of the balcony, and then back up to my row, and sit down in the seat next to me. Please keep in mind that this is an auditorium that seats 6,000+ people, and everyone knew how Machelle was, so everyone's eyes (at least in the balcony) were on her, and then me, as she sat down next to me. She proceeded to tell me my shirt was too "snug," and that I would need to change it immediately after the second service was over. This took me by complete surprise, since I was positive my skirt was too short, and my shirt was absolutely not too "snug." So, she gave me the demerits, and went on her way. My face was, not surprisingly, beat red.

This was senior night--when they "let" all the seniors stay up past the 11 o'clock curfew, and hang out in the Sports Center all night. I know what you're thinking--how can they let us have this much fun? Well, let me tell you, it took a lot of convincing on my friend, Jenny's, part to get me and my friend, Drew, to go. We ended up having a lot of fun. I had to borrow a pair of cullottes from someone who lived on campus, since I typically don't wear those, and didn't want to go home to find something that would pass.

This picture is a perfect example of why alot of people at PCC didn't like the group I hung out with. Bill is in the foreground, on top of a table. People, this is what PCC calls "horseplay." I'm very surprised that a Commons chap (that's short for chaperone, in case you didn't know) didn't come and write him up right away! We were loud, we were obnoxious, we had fun. They hated us!

Oh, the beloved Eagles! Us girls decided it would be fun to crimp our hair for an Eagles game (Haley, this could have been against your alma mater for all we know. In fact, let's say it is!). Whoever they played that night, I'm pretty sure they probably lost.

My friends at PCC definitely kept me sane. They are single-handedly the reason I don't totally regret going to that glorious institution!


  1. ack. i saw bill accidentally like five years ago when i was home visiting my parents. he just happened to be up from pensacola visiting his. weird coincidence...

  2. Wow, look at you rebels! I guess the cool thing about PCP is that you had a college experience more like it might have been 100 years ago--a totally different world.

  3. Kelly6:49 PM

    tinks, is bill not one of your fave people? he was one of my really good friends my senior year, but especially the year after i graduated.

    sum, for the last's PCC! not PCP or PPC or any other form. i feel like this is poker night all over again!

  4. Kelly6:51 PM

    I just realized, in the soccer picture, jenny and i are standing identically. no one else is standing like us...just more proof of our twin souldom.

  5. Kelly8:23 AM

    summer, if you don't stop, i'll send you-know-who straight to your house!

  6. yo_mama9:40 AM

    Lady, I hope you're not talking about who I think you're talking about.

  7. yo_mama, if you're talking about who i think you're talking about, then i'm talking about who you think i'm talking about...or something.

  8. Oh Dear… Kelly

    You look like telling my own memories.


    Hahahahahahah….My college was sucky too,
    but I have wonderful memories and great friends.

  9. pinky5:24 PM

    You're talking about who I think you are talking about! And don't try to confuse me on who you are talking about - talking about - or something.

  10. Anonymous8:28 PM

    hahahaha we thoroughly enjoyed the story about machelle kingsley. she teaches my old high school, and she sounds like she hasn't changed a bit. lol