Monday, April 17, 2006

Deep Thoughts by Yo Mama

The following is a conversation that Grant and I had in the car yesterday after a long day of driving. It reminds me of one of those Jack Handy "Deep Thoughts" segments from Saturday Night Live.

Grant: "Would you keep a dog that was the size of a mouse?"

Kelly: "Sure. Why not? It'd be cute!"

Grant: "But, wouldn't it get annoying? I mean, it would probably always be biting at your ear. That would get really annoying after a while."

Kelly: Gives Grant a blank stare...

Grant: "If I had a dog that small, I'd probably keep him in a hamster cage. Or a fish bowl with wood shavings in the bottom of it."

Kelly: Continues to give Grant a blank stare...

Grant: "What if Watley was that small? Do you think he would nose at our fingernails?" Demonstrates what it would look like to nose at a fingernail.

*Sidenote--When Watley wants us to pet him, he "noses" at our hands.*

Kelly: "Did you smoke something today when I wasn't looking?"

Laughter ensues from both of us.

10-15 minutes later...

Grant: "If there were dogs the size of mice, I bet they would run pretty fast, huh?"

Kelly: Again, gives him a blank stare.

Grant: "If a dog that small was like Watley, and liked to snuggle, I bet they'd snuggle up in our pockets. Or on our shoulders."

The End.


  1. pinky5:13 PM

    Six Bit says "that guy needs a kid or something!"

    You guys crack me up!

  2. yo_mama7:40 PM

    What are you talking about? I was not there and have no idea what you're talking about.

  3. Dugway Proving Grounds does strange things to people. It's a scientific fact. He's probably seeing little, mouse-sized dogs out there and this is the only way he can "deal" with it. As a loving wife, you should say, "you're nuts, honey."

  4. pinky8:51 PM

    Tim, I like your observation. I think you might be on to something - although I am not so surprised to hear this - I just wonder what goes on inside that head on a regular basis.

  5. Kelly5:18 AM

    Tim, I think you're the only person who can sympathize with Grant for being there for 5 weeks. To be honest, he was a little nuts before he went to Dugway, but that's part of the reason I love him!

  6. Grant6:09 PM

    Yo Mama's right. He/she was not there; it was only you and me.

    I think you may be right. By the time I get back I may be unrecognizably may be recognizable to some though.

  7. I'm with Sixbit~ Yo Mama just wants a baby!

  8. sixbit8:15 PM

    I wonder if those mouse-sized dogs would faint at the size of your GUNZ. Or maybe they would just do Taco Bell commercials.

  9. tinker8:46 AM

    did a crazy mormom steal you and make you his 4th wife? where are you?

  10. Hahahahahaha
    Really Funny
    I Loved the craziness moments.

    What the hell you are talking about ??!!

  11. pinky7:53 PM

    I'm cracking up! ;o)