Monday, April 09, 2007

Boys and their Toys

I'm going to give some background to this story, before I get to what happened this weekend.

For Christmas, Grant's mom got him a remote control helicopter. As far as RC things go, even I have to say this little guy was pretty cool.

Well, it broke.

A couple months back when he went to return it, we spent about half an hour in Radio Shack while he looked at all of these RC vehicles. I was bored out of my mind! At least when I'm shopping at the mall, Grant has stuff he can look at, too. I was all alone in Radio Shack. All alone. He ended up not getting anything that night, except for store credit for the helicopter.

So that brings us to last week. Grant found out that there was one RC truck that he had his eye on left at Radio Shack, so he used his store credit and got it. He was so excited about this truck! Watley hated it, by the way.

Evidentally, he showed one of the neighbors, Logan, the truck. Logan got really excited about it, too, and told Grant he was probably going to get one.

That was Friday.

Saturday morning, at around 8:30, Grant and I are in our upstairs room that looks over the street. What do we see "driving" around the circle? The stupid RC truck that Grant influenced Logan into getting!! So Grant tells me how he has to go out there, and I told him to not forget his truck.

So, there they are...2 grown men, playing with RC trucks on Saturday morning. You know this was way too good of a photo/video op for me to pass up.

PS - since Saturday, they got together last night to play with their toys, and then again this morning before their classes. AND, they've convinced another neighbor, Ryan, that he needs to get one. AND, Grant is actually thinking about telling the other guys on our street, so they can all get one, too, and have a big RC play date! Oh, and Logan has now built ramps, so the trucks can go up curbs. Yay.


  1. Oh, Kelly. Welcome to my world. Dan, as you know, has been a big RC fan for two years now. If this continues, I have to warn you that your garage and various surfaces in your home will be covered in little tiny car parts for as long as you live. But it does bring a smile to Dan's face, and, clearly, to Grant's, and I figure there are worse things they could be doing. Still. Those little cars are LOUD.

  2. Grant -- this is totally awesome! I bet big Dan wished he were there too!

    BTW -- your description of this was priceless!

  3. haley, fortunately for me, grant is a little too "frugal" for that to happen!

  4. We're starting Joshua early. He has an RC truck and loves it. It must be something in the testosterone. :)

  5. tinker9:51 AM

    i have one, can i come over and play?

  6. thanks for accepting my self-invitation to come over! thanks a lot!

  7. you're always welcome to come over and play. just make sure you're home by dinner.

  8. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Sure, Tinkers, you can come play, but you have to make sure your radio frequency doesn't interfere. I'll be on channel B, ok.