Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brazil: Day 2

Here I am again, same internet cafe, different day. Today was very cool. We went to breakfast then caught a bus to Corcovado, which is the famous "Christ the Redeemer" statue. Amazing. We took tons of pictures, some of them are (hopefully) very cool.

**By the way, this is a "baby's perspective" picture. There will be more...**

Then we took the bus into Ipanema (we're staying in Copacabana, and Ipanema is the next beach town over), to try to find some Feijoada (kind of sounds like "fish water"...."fesh wata"), which is a famous Brazilian dish. Apparently, it's usually only served on Saturdays, though, so the place that we went to didn't have it. But, they told us about Casa de Feijoada, which serves it all the time, so we went there. It was quite a feast. And very interesting. I'll have to write more about it later.

Then we went back to the hotel to rest a bit (this was around 4 - things in Brazil take a lot more time than you think they will). And now, we're waiting to see I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry at a local movie theatre. It will be in English, with Portuguese subtitles.

I just have to quickly say that in all of our travels, Brazil is definitely the most unique place we've visited. A vast majority of people don't speak English, and really, a lot of them don't even speak Spanish. And Portuguese is very different than Spanish. Different, but also kind of similar. Some words are the same, some are completely different, and some are just pronounced differently. So we use a mix of English, Spanish, what little Portuguese we've picked up, and odd sign language-type motions. We're getting around, but with a lot of difficulty.

Well, our movie is about to start, so I'll have to end for now.

Tchau (pronounced like the Italian, "Ciao"...see, they don't even say "Adios"!!)


  1. oh you guys - took a lesson from ole pinks, huh! love the daily bites! only wish you wouldv'e thought to take your card reader so you could do pictures!! i know though - probably vana't do that on the internet cafes comps.

  2. You're right, we "vana't."