Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby!

Well, today is Grant's birthday. Which is great for me, because for the next 9 months, I don't have to hear about how I'm an older woman.

He met me at work in Yellow Springs today. I made lunch reservations at the Winds Cafe, which turned out to be a fantastic dining experience!!

Grant got a ricotta cheese omelet, which was delicious, and very fresh tasting. I swear they got those eggs straight from the chicken coop when he ordered it! I had the stuffed poblano, which was stuffed with rice, ricotta cheese, dried fruit and olives. It was amazing. I'm now trying to find a recipe that's similar, but I'm having no luck. I might just have to make that a little experiment of mine sometime in the near future. For dessert, Grant got jalapeno flavored creme brulee (which is not as terrible as it sounds. It was very good!), and I got a peach crustada.

Anyways, happy birthday to my sweet husband. For his birthday gift, I think I'll take him to Brazil next week!


  1. Ahh, thanks Kiwi. I'm one lucky old man...I mean Grant is.

  2. Happy bday, GRANT - you old man, you!!