Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Few Weeks Ago

We met up with Andy and Megan down in Laguna Beach. It was a great time, and we realized that it's a pretty good halfway point for both of us to meet! We started out at a park. Joey was all over the place, really enjoying the playground. Since Kendall's not quite that mobile yet, she settled for the swings.

At first, I don't think Joey knew what to think of Kendall, but he warmed up to her pretty quick. I didn't get the actual kiss, but you can see here, he's still puckered.

Thankfully, I caught the hug on film. I can hear the collective "awwwwww's" now.

After the park, we decided to find a place to eat lunch. We walked around a bit, pricing restaurants (thank goodness we're all "frugal!"), and finally settled on Wahoo's Fish Tacos. We stayed there a while just chatting and eating. Joey was interested in the pink pacifier, so he decided to give it a try.

Once we were done with lunch, the 3 of them made their way back to the San Diego area, but we hung around a bit more. We have a friend from high school (actually, he and Grant go way back to kindegarten) who lives in Laguna Beach. So we gave him a call, and he met us at the beach. We probably haven't seen Jarrod since our wedding, so it was great catching up.

After we met with Jarrod, we did some exploring on our own, and found this beautiful little area! This is the place that made me believe that Laguna Beach is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen (as far as beaches go)! As expensive as it is, I totally understand why people live in California.

So, it was a great day! Hopefully, Kendall and I will have many playdates in Laguna with Megan and Joey. And maybe next time, I'll see an LC or a Lo or a Kristin (if you watch MTV, you'll know who I'm talking about).


  1. Oh goodie...more pictures I can steal! I love Joey and Kendall's hug.

  2. Anonymous6:21 AM

    I think LC and Lo live in Hollywood now. Probably Kristen too for that matter. You can see LC's sister (what was her name?) or Cami. LOL!


  3. Laguna Beach looks like the scenes from Monaco that I've been lucky enough to see on TV! It is gorgeous.