Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Week Later

Mrs. J reminded me that the "Breaking News" is old news, so I needed to update. Well, we were able to get in the house on Thursday last, and we got our master bedroom painted (I wanted to do this before the furniture came, because our bedroom furniture is HUGE!). That ended up taking forever, but we got it done - actually, Grant ended up doing most of the work. So he got it done. I'm so-so on the color. It's more purplish-blueish on the walls than grayish-blueish (with an emphasis on the grayish) than it looked on the paint chip. But it's okay. Friday was the day the movers came. It was a long, long day, but we got everything (that we can tell so far) with minimal damage. I took a break from unpacking so I could set up Kendall's jumperoo. I've been wanting her to use this basically since we got here. But, not thinking that we'd be out of a house for so long, we didn't bring it with us - we had the movers pack it up and put it in storage. So, once they unloaded it from the truck, I dropped what I was doing to put it together. I was happy to see that she loved it! We love our house and are so happy to finally be in it! I'll post more pictures when we're done unpacking, and the house looks the way I want it to. So that might be a while.


  1. Dern! I was hoping for a picture of the infamous countertops! :o)
    Glad you guys are in and unpacking. FINALLY!!
    One day soon I'll push Anna up the hill to see you guys.

  2. i love that jumpy thing! i'm going to have to invest in one for baby mad but i'm kinda afraid it's bigger than my living room...

  3. jen, i'm pretty sure it is bigger than your living room. :) it's huge! but if you can make space for it, it's worth it.

  4. Congrats- Exciting, I know!

    Right after we moved here, when hubs was out of town, I painted the family room bay window area this terra cotta flower pot red color that I had done at our house in ABQ. He liked it there. He painted over it here. It was not the same color on the walls here as it was there. I never totally admitted it, but he was right. It was pretty pink. His paint job was much better than mine, anyway!

    Surely it wasn't really you that brought up my hair (and the infamous fire) over at Pinky's blog. Say it ain't so! That was actually Pinky masquerading as "Kelly" right?!:)

  5. I've been waiting for some pictures all week, but I know you've been busy! I really want a picture of your view though!