Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More fun with the In-laws!

While Grant's parents were here, we did more than just go to Disneyland and California Adventure.

Grant took them to the Korean Friendship Bell, which is just a couple miles from our house, and has fantastic views. We also went to The castaway, which is this place in Burbank, famous for it's amazing brunch buffet and views. After The Castaway, we went to The Getty Center - again, known for its views of LA, but it's also a museum, and all-in-all, just a cool place to visit. I'm so thankful that our gloomy weather that we've been having lately cleared up, so we could have some really incredibly clear days while they visited.

Another cool thing we did was visit the Morgan dealership in Santa Monica. A Morgan is a British-made sports car, that Grant's dad has a love for. When he was in college, his friend got a Morgan, and they took it all over Europe. Morgans are pretty rare, and dealerships in the States are very hard to find, so Grant's dad was pretty excited to visit this place. They really are beautiful cars. Oh, and by the way, Summer - this is where we were when you called. That's why, when you asked, "Where are you?" it wasn't the easiest answer.

So, that was our time with Grant's family! It was action-packed, but a lot of fun.

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  1. Yeah! There's the belly! I'm waiting for a belly pix from my sis. Too cute. BTW: I agree--very cool cars.