Monday, December 21, 2009

Photo Challenge - Day 21

Kendall is just a few days shy of her 2nd birthday, and we're pretty excited about her party. It's a Curious George theme, because she's a little obsessed with him right now.

Anyways, on Saturday, I was running errands with Cameron, and Grant was running errands with Kendall. I had him go to Party City to pick up something for the party, and while he was there, he saw the Curious George masks. I came home before them, and when they came home, Kendall comes running in the door wearing her new mask. I just about died laughing. She was so proud of herself!

So here's my little monkey right after she came home.

And this was a picture that Grant took before they came home at the park.

And yes, she's wearing shorts in December. Don't be jealous.


  1. I love that girl, she makes me giggle!

  2. Grandma3:17 AM

    As usual, too cute for words!

  3. That's adorable...and she looks a little like she's ready to rob a bank.

  4. Anonymous8:12 PM

    So cute! Hope she has a very Happy Birthday and a fun party.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. but i am jealous. i am i am.