Saturday, December 05, 2009

Photo Challenge - Day 5

Today, I had a little elf come and help me make cookies for our church Christmas party. That elf just happened to be named Kendall.

Officially, this is my picture for the DPP...

But I can't just stop there. Those of you who know us really well, know that we try not to give Kendall too much sugar. We figure she'll have plenty of time in her life to eat plenty of sugar, and since right now she's still relatively unaware of sugar, we just try to not give her any. That being said, this was a real treat for her. She got to lick the batter AND eat a cookie once it was out of the oven. I had to give my elf a reward for being such a big help!


  1. you two are so cute in your aprons!! love the last pic of her going to town eating the batter!!

  2. Baggy Grandma4:00 AM

    Very cute--I love the elf outfit! The apron looks very festive, too.

  3. tinka stinka1:10 PM

    so adorable.