Saturday, January 15, 2011


If you're reading this, chances are you're somewhere cold (even my friends and family in Florida are!), so I really hate to rub it in, but we just got back from the beach. And it wasn't one of those too-cool-to-wear-bathing-suits days (like so many days are here), either.

And before the beach, we went to a resort close by to have brunch. Outside. Looking out across the ocean.

I'm really sorry.

So as long as you promise not to hate me, enjoy some pictures...


  1. i've kind of wanted to hate you all day seeing the updates on fb. :) its 26 gray here, more snow on the way :( but cami's beach bikini bod makes it all better!

  2. Soooo jealous! It was negative 5 degrees this morning on my way to work!
    your girls are getting so big, they are adorable, and I LOVE Cami's chubby little legs. SO cute.

  3. me = jealous. but really, those are some beautiful pictures.

  4. I am sorry, I don't have time to be jealous. I am too busy planning my trip to visit! You do have room for all 5 of us, right!!

  5. Very cute. Glad you enjoyed it for me as I endure SNOWMG for the 400th time this month...