Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What They Were Up To

While I was getting dinner ready, I noticed Kendall was very busy doing something...I just didn't know what that something was.  All I knew is my girls were playing nicely together for a long period of time, and that made me happy.  When I got a chance to check on them, this is what I found.


  1. 'Scuse you, Cami.
    Was there just a smidge of irk and sarcasm in your voice, Mama? :o)
    Oh my. That's just hilarious, though.

  2. oh, visiting is going to be SO much fun!

  3. Wow, that is totally our life too--everything, from the pile of crap, to the "yah," from little sis, even to the tearing of the book page in between making the animals sounds. You, however, are much more chill than me!! I hope they get to hang out soon!