Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kendall Speak - Part 9

-Last night, Cami was getting into something, I can't remember what, but I scolded her which made her cry.  Kendall said, "Mama, I have to tell you something.  Don't make my sister cry."  Which of course, broke my little heart.

-Our pastor's oldest son is named Paul Jr., but he goes by just "Junior."  We saw him today at church, and when I asked Kendall what his name was she said, "Disney Junior." 

FYI, she used to call Junior's little brother Gino, "Tuna."  I wrote about that on the second edition of "Kendall Speak," which can be found here.

-Today in Sunday School, Kendall's teacher was talking about enemies.  Kendall told the teacher that "bad people live in San Pedro."  Another mom who was in the Sunday School when she said that told me about it.  When I went to pick Kendall up, I said something about it to her teacher who said that she was very serious when she said it.

On the way home from church, I asked Kendall what she learned in Sunday School.  She said, "Mom, you know about M&M's?  There are people in this world who don't love us."

I was so confused so I told her that was true, but what did that have to do with M&M's?  And then I realized, M&M's = enemies, at least the way she pronounced it.  So after I got done laughing, I told her that yes, there are people who don't love us.  She followed up by telling me that even though they don't love us, we still need to love them.

So love your M&M's, people!


  1. I look forward to witnessing the live version of this!

  2. Every time I think she can't get any cuter--she does!! Too precious for words.