Sunday, April 04, 2010

Kendall Speak - Part 2

This is going to be my version of Megan's "The Things They Say."

When we were in the car coming home from church today, I was telling Grant about something that happened a while back, and I said, "And I was freakin' out!"

A couple minutes later, Kendall kept saying something that we weren't quite getting, so she said it over and over again. This is how it went...

Kendall: "Go tuna house?"
Us: "Go to the house?"
Kendall: "No, go tuna house!"
Us: "Go to our house?"

This went on for a good 5 minutes probably.

Then this happened...

Us: "Yep, we're going to tuna's house!"
Kendall (as she's getting frustrated that we're not understanding her): "Kendall freakin' out!"

By the way, we finally figured out that "tuna" is her friend Gino.


  1. We really cracked up at this one! She's too cute I'm telling you.

  2. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Oh, and where is Part I????

  3. Cute! These kids of ours just keep us laughing, don't they! :o)
    Mookie says "Sorry, Dude!" when I'm driving, and will praise herself with the occasional "Awesome!" whenever she is proud of her accomplishment. :o)
    Good stuff.

  4. I'm glad Heidi is not the only kid who uses the phrases "freaking out!"