Monday, April 05, 2010


Okay, I have this new fancy camera, so I thought I could pull off a "real" photo shoot.

Not so much.

It made me realize that I don't know enough about my camera, so I really need to learn more.

Also, Cameron is the smiley-est baby ever, but I chose the time where she absolutely was not about to smile whatsoever.

So, even though I'm sure the grandparents will swoon over these pictures, I can't help but thinking I could've done a better job! Funnily enough, I think my favorite picture is the one of Kendall holding both baskets, with her back facing the camera. Hold on - I was indecisive, so just uploaded a whole boat-load of pictures.

We had a great day, though. We went to the early service at church so the girls could come home and take a nap before we went to "Tuna's" house (see the previous post for the story on that one), which actually wasn't Tuna's house, but his grandpa's house. Our pastor's wife so graciously invited us to her side of the family's Easter get-together, and we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, when I got there, I realized I left the memory card to my camera in the computer, so I didn't get any pictures there. But they had an easter egg hunt, followed by eating tons of sugar that was found inside the easter eggs, followed by a lot of little kids playing together, followed by an earthquake, followed by delicious food, followed by great company. It was an eventful day, for sure.


  1. EARTHQUAKE?????? Must have been a tiny one, thank you Lord~
    I love all the pictures, but my favorite is the one of Kendall kissing Cam--and their dresses are so cute, and the matching hair accessories! Another good idea you had there.
    Have a wonderful day! Love and God bless.

  2. I think all the pictures are awesome! :o) And as for pulling off a "professional" shoot...I think they know when it's Mama behind the camera, and all bets are off! I took approximately 8,344,000 pictures this weekend, and think I MIGHT have gotten ONE good one. (sigh) Good cameras don't guarantee good shots! (Dangit!!) :o)

  3. The pictures are great! And I agree with Melissa, they do know when Mommy is behind the camera :-) I only took 388 pictures yesterday and got about 5 "professional" great shots, but I got about 380 that would have been nothing but a blur of running kids without the nice camera :-)

  4. i thought those were awesome shots!!!! and their dresses are sooo cute!! you make good babies~ :)

  5. SO sweet! I'm a new follower :-)

  6. adorable! you need to learn how to use your f-stops for smaller aperatures. read it in your manual and if you have questions call me!! (i just learned it myself...haha!)