Saturday, April 17, 2010

Didja See Us?

Many of you already know, but Grant and I were in the audience of American Idol this past Tuesday! I signed up during the last season, and kind of forgot about it. I guess if you sign up, you stay in the system until they get to you, no matter what season it is.

We had a LOT of fun! When we got there, we were told that we would be standing. Since we watch the show, we realized that meant we'd be in the pit near the stage. As they were placing us, they put us right next to where Simon sits at the judge's table. We were stoked.

Then something I've always wanted happened. They said I was tall! All my life, I've wanted to be tall! Well, I'm really not...I'm only about 5'5"...but I guess compared to girls that are 5'0", I am tall. Which meant they kept putting these five footers in my awesome spot! I'd never wanted so badly to go back to being short. I got moved back about 5 feet from where I originally was. It's okay, though, it was still cool. Adam Lambert - the guy who was the runner-up from last season - was the mentor for that week, so he was there, and was sitting right behind where we were standing. Grant kept telling me to say something to him during the commercial breaks (I was going to tell him I liked his boots...they were leopard print cowboy boots), but I never did.

When we came home, we watched the show, and realized that you could see us all throughout - if you knew exactly where we were. Otherwise, it was all just a blur of people. So, I thought I'd take a picture of the recorded show, so you all could see where we were.

After the show was over, we shook Simon's hand, and he and Grant had a little exchange of words. Grant basically shouted out that we didn't want Simon to leave the show, and they had a little mini-conversation. It was cool.

We got done alot earlier than we thought, so we took advantage of that time and went to the Cheesecake Factory at the Grove, since that's where we were parked, anyway. It was an absolutely awesome night!

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  1. I might have to sign us up now! Sounds fun! And at about 5'5", I've always felt like taller than most of my friends or at least not shorter than them - I think 5'5" is perfectly perfect.