Friday, April 16, 2010

Craft-Along 2010: Project 2...COMPLETE!

I can't even believe I finished this thing so quickly (more than a month before the deadline). But I did, and I love it! Seriously, there's not one thing I don't love about this apron. It's different than the one Tink posted, but this one is more my style. I found it at Sew4Home.

When I saw the instructions for it, I told myself I couldn't do it. But I did!! It really wasn't hard at all. I even put in pleats...PLEATS! I still can't believe it. I already have an order for one. Okay, it's from my mom. But still - I'm excited to get to make another one!


  1. Oh, there are pleats too! Your apron officially kicks my apron's butt. I'll have to find some awesome fabric and make this, though I love your fabric. The pinks and oranges...I'm surrounded by boys, so I must inject a little pink once in a while.

    What fun gifts these would make too for birthdays or Christmas. Slip in a little kitchen sisters would love this.

  2. katy, have you been to the cotton shop in redondo beach? they're not the cheapest place in town, but they have a great selection.

  3. It's VERY cute and perky! You did an awesome job and I'm proud of you. Can you believe in your abilities just a little bit more now please????? Love you.

  4. Anonymous6:44 PM

    I SO LOVE the colors!!!! You done good :o) Better get crackin' myself.

  5. Very cute Kel. I love the fabrics. It's just simply adorable! (if you that's you modeling it ~I'm so hatin' right now) :) You look awesome and have 10X the will power that I have.

  6. Yeah, Jasmine...that's Kelly alright! I told her it looked like she was modeling for a photo shoot for a craft magazine! She looks great, doesn't she!
    Oh, and so does the apron. (teehee)
    Next stop - Flickr group!
    Also, Kelly, are you going to share about your MISadventures with this apron, too? Or just hide behind the pocket...hmmm???

  7. Trina5:33 AM

    I'm very impressed! You have become quite the homemaker and I'm so proud of you! I'm glad you are able to stay home with the girls and I always knew you'd be a great mom :-)
    Now, you have added being "crafty" (I mean that in a good way, too) Love you, and look forward to seeing other things you will make!

  8. it came out Awesome! you did a great job. The fabric is so you, and you look cute modeling it too. I might have to try making one of these aprons too. I haven't tried pleats yet...I just mastered the ruffle this week. Maybe pleats are next for me! Great job!

  9. Kelly, you are way better than me at this stuff! And you are way better at picking fabric combos too! Would you make me one of those camera straps? Or come over and help me make one? I swear I can't use my sewing machine as well as you do yours? we could do a craft-in :)