Monday, April 26, 2010


We went to a birthday party the other day, and Cami just grabbed a hold of these balloons! It was so cute, I just had to take a picture (or two, or three).

The next day, Grant was holding Cami on his shoulders, and Kendall climbed up in the chair with them and said, "Picture, Mama!" Look how she's posing.

Speaking of posing...a couple of weeks ago I took these pictures, and just never got around to posting them. I was making something...I can't even remember what it was now....seriously, what was it?...

Anyways, I told Kendall she could lick the batter, which she loved (who wouldn't). I told her to smile, and this is what she did.

Then I told her to smile for real, and this is what she did.

All I could think of was on the show, America's Next Top Model, when Tyra Banks always go into her speech about smiling with the eyes. Kendall's totally doing that.

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  1. Well, now I'm speechless. What a ham she is--could it be hereditary???? These are too cute for words. We can't wait to see all of you.