Friday, August 03, 2012

Kendall Speak - Part 12

Both of these incidents just happened, while she's helping Grant do yard work.  She's on a roll tonight!

Grant has been pulling weeds from this section of our yard every night this week.  And every night, Kendall and Cami go "help" him.  Actually, Kendall does a really good job pulling weeds, and Cami pulls weeds for about a minute, then she's off to play in her own little world.  Tonight, while Cami was in her own world, Kendall was telling Grant how Cami was so lazy, because she wasn't helping them work.  Grant explained that she's not lazy, she's just two!  Then Cami came walking back towards them, and Kendall said:

"Oh, uh, hi Cami (humming).  No, we're not talkin' about you.  We're just workin'.  Not talkin' about you at all! (more humming)"

A few minutes later, I came outside with Tucker, and a lady was walking her dog named Snickers, and talking to Grant.  From a distance, when I heard this lady talk, I could tell she was from Boston or somewhere around there, because she had a pretty thick accent.  As she walked away, Kendall said:

"Mom, that lady is from Boston, and her dog's name is Snickers.  Do you know how she said Snickers?  'Snickas'."

And then she starts laughing.  All of this was well within earshot of the nice lady from Boston.

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