Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cami Speak: Part 3

So pretty much everything that comes out of Cami's mouth these days is funny.  She's just a creative, funny, imaginative little girl that happens to have great timing!

The other night, I was getting dressed for bed.  I usually wear shorts and a tank top, but this particular night, I wore a nightgown.  Cami said, "Ooooh, I like your nightgown!  Do a twirl for me!" (she's obsessed with twirling)

Yesterday, Kendall and Cami were playing pretend.  Cami was the mom and Kendall was trying to go to sleep, but she was scared.  So she asked "Mom" to tell her a story.  Cami said, "This is a twue story.  A story about a shoe.  Once there was a shoe, and it was layin' on the ground.  Shoes don't lay on grounds!  Then the shoe got thirsty.  The end."

This morning she put a tank top of mine on, and started dancing around the room saying, "I'm a mom, just like my mom!  I'm a mom, just like my mom!"

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