Sunday, January 29, 2006

Great exercise!

Grant popped in the Tragic Kingdom album by No Doubt. It didn't take long for the music to start taking over me, so I grabbed Grant and we started psycho dancing for about 5 songs. Sometimes just being stupid together is so much fun! That's what I love about Grant and I--we're not afraid to be dumb around each other.


  1. This is my favorite post on your blog--next time we come over I want to see it in real life. Oliver and I did that too right before Christmas, but it was Grateful Dead and we had a live show dvd projected onto the wall. It was the perfect way to relieve wedding stress--and reminded us how much fun marriage was going to be!

    Thanks for the fab dinner too. I want that pie recipe!!!

  2. thanks, summer!

    you mean you want the recipe for the chicken/blueberry pie?!