Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Random Thoughts

Things I've noticed about English people:

1. They're obsessed with Big Brother.
2. They substitute a "v" or "f" sound for "th." For example, "I love Big Bruva!" "First, second, fird."
3. They say "loads" alot.
4. Their newspapers look like tabloids.
5. Everyone we've encountered has been extremely nice and helpful. Generally, much nicer than most Americans.

Things I've found out about myself while in England:

1. I like tea with 1 milk and 2 sugars.
2. I appreciate America more. It seems the English culture makes things very difficult when they don't have to be. For instance...
They hardly use street signs. If you get directions, they give them by landmarks, which is difficult.
Most of the streets were designed before cars were invented, so it's impossible for 2 cars to pass on many streets, which is ridiculous.
3. I miss Watley--alot!


  1. is everything bloody?

  2. everything is either bloody or lovely.