Monday, December 11, 2006

New Project

As many projects as I have on my plate right now, I've added one more. But this one, if it works out, will be a great experience, I think.

I realized the other day, that it's been almost 10 years since Grant and I graduated from high school. We still keep in touch with several people from our class, but we've lost touch with most. So last night, I sent out an email to everyone that graduated with us, who I have email addresses for (which wasn't very many), and suggested a reunion in March of 08. The reason I picked March is because that's when Grant graduates from AFIT, and we'll be heading out to So Cal. So I figured we could stop in P'cola on our way (well, not really on our way, but whatever) to LA, and have this little reunion. I figured if people know about it now, they can start planning for it.

So far, I've gotten 2 responses, and they've both been positive! So, I'm very excited about this. It will be fun to organize and plan for something like this. Now I need to drag out my yearbook, and figure out how to get in touch with some of these people.


  1. good for you! i bet it'll be awesome. and you've got a couple years to plan, so i think you'll be good. :)

  2. Yeah -- I'll stop by too on my way to my 25th :-)