Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Old New Jersey Shore

Has anyone ever seen the movie, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken? Well, when Grant's Aunt and Uncle took us to the Jersey shore, I couldn't stop singing that part of the song that I made the title for the post. Except Sonora was singing it when she went to Atlantic City, and we didn't actually go to Atlantic City, but whatever.

Anyway, that's what we did the day after Thanksgiving. That's shopping for me, even though we were about an hour away from a city that would have everything that I could ever want to buy! But we had a great time. It was an incredibly beautiful day, which made up for the not-so-great weather we had the day before.

We drove from their town all the way down the shore to Ocean Grove. We saw some incredibly beautiful houses, one of which was Bon Jovi's. We eventually made our way to Ott's, Uncle Lee and Aunt Liz's favorite restaurant on the Shore. We had a fantastic view from the window at our table! For people who used to live near the beach, and now live very far away from any beach, this was perfect!
Then we took a walk along the boardwalk.

It was a great day...nice and relaxing in between 2 very busy days. But I'll get to the Saturday after Thanksgiving later.

How's that for a cliff hanger?


  1. Megan8:51 PM

    I LOVE Wild Hearts Can't be Broken! When I was little it was my favorite movie!

  2. Kelly3:13 AM

    Me too!!