Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pei Wei

Most of my friends in Albuquerque probably already know what Pei Wei (pronounced Pay Way) is, but if you don't, it's a more casual version of PF Chang's. It's great. Grant and I were first introduced to it by Pinky and SixBit - we were driving down I-40 after church one Sunday, and they caught up to us and asked if wanted to go to Pei Wei for lunch. We had no idea what it was, but we went anyway. I liked it right away, but Grant wasn't crazy about it.

I had been a few times after that, but Grant only went again when a couple from church took treated us to dinner there right before we moved. He had the Kung Pao. It was over for him. He talked about that Kung Pao for weeks, and even months after that.

Well, I went on Pei Wei's website to see if there were any in our area. There weren't any in Dayton, but I saw that there was one opening up near Columbus in March. Well, at the beginning of March, I went back to the website to see if they had a specific opening date. They didn't, and since I didn't want to keep checking back everytime I thought about it, I decided to email them to find out.

Little did I know that that one email would get Grant and I a special invitation to a pre-opening lunch for free!! So that's what we did yesterday. Grant took a break from studying for his finals, we drove an hour to Pei Wei, ate our fantastic meals, then drove back. But it was totally worth it - we each got an entree for free, and when they brought out our food, they included a 3rd entree, just for the heck of it. Grant finally got his Kung Pao fix, so hopefully I don't have to keep hearing about Kung Pao before the next time we go, which will be in about a month - yay!


  1. Can't help but notice you're enjoying the ever popular and one of Mr. J's favorites - the Dan Dan Noodle Bowl. Good choice, Kelly.

    Next time you're near a Pei Wei, you gotta get the Mongolian Beef!!!

  2. the dan dan noodles were HOT! but so good. I'll try the mongolian beef next time i'm there!