Thursday, March 15, 2007

Today's the Day!

Well, as I'm typing this, hopefully Grant's parents and little brother are on their way up here to lovely Dayton. Grant's older brother, John, will be flying in from LA this afternoon. We're very excited to see everyone, but none of us have seen John for a while, since he was deployed to Africa during Christmas.

So, my blogging entries will probably be few and far between this next week....did I mention I was on vacation? Woo hoo! Grant's taking his last finals today, so his vacation technically starts tomorrow.


  1. Say hi to John for us! And the rest of Grant's awesome family! Miss ya! We didn't quite get over to Dayton on our Midwest trip, sorry.
    I have to tell you what Shannon said yesterday... I was scolding him and said what he did was bad and he replies whining, "I not bad, I SO Happpy!" It was so cute. I had to laugh.

  2. I have been thinking that "Today is the day" FOREVER!!! We are all interested in what you guys did on your vacation! Aren't we, everyone!!!

  3. wow! i must've read your mind, pinks!! :)