Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Well, I had a fantastic trip to Albuquerque. I flew in late Wednesday night, and it was so great to see Mrs. J again!!

On Thursday, she took me to see our house that we still own, but are renting out. I was very upset to see that the renters killed the grass!! I quickly took this picture, so I could show Grant how bad it looked.

This is how it looked when we were there:

Also on Thursday, we had a pink poker night, to relive the old days. It was so much fun! And Mrs. J actually won, which, if you knew how she played, you would be really shocked!! I did terrible, but that's okay. The way we play, everyone gets a prize at the end. By the way, the blogging world is totally represented in this picture. Clockwise, starting on the left - Mrs. J, Pinky, Erika, Jill, and Susie.

The shower was on Saturday, and despite all of my nervousness, it was a great success! Pinky's kids used their sidewalk chalk to welcome the shower guests - all 25 of them.

Here's the delicious Cold Stone cake.

I was so glad that Mrs. J's family got to come. Here she is with her sister, Kendall, and her mom.

After the shower, we got to babysit Lilly, Erika and Cody's newest addition. I call this picture, "How many G's does it take to feed a baby?"

Again, I feel like I didn't take nearly enough pictures of my trip. But I had a great time. Thanks to Mrs. J and Pinky for letting me crash at their houses, and also to Pinky for all the help with the shower.


  1. tinka wit' it7:06 AM

    i can't even tell if you have a little belly yet!

  2. Aw, I had so much fun! Will never forget it!!

    BTW, I've already used my raft!

  3. We really enjoyed you - missed the ole Grant though! Wish you didn't live so far away

    J - where did you use the raft? we are going to hp tomorrow around noon if you want to come

  4. Your dead yard makes me sad.

  5. Sounds like you had a great trip. So sad about your grass!