Tuesday, June 05, 2007


To my female readers: Just a warning, but if you haven't been to Michael's recently, they now have a line of Martha Stewart Crafts. Everything is simply amazing! I made a trip yesterday to get cardstock and envelopes. Then I saw the aisle. That's right - a whole aisle dedicated to Martha's crafty genius! It's amazing I made it out of there without spending money on stuff other than what I intended to buy. But I did. I'm so proud! I fully intend on waiting until I get a 40% off coupon and buy a few of her kits.


  1. tinker12:15 PM

    i just happen to have two 40% off ocupons and totally plan on stopping there today. i hate her, but i love her style. too bad she's a robotic she-demon on vicoden and merlot.

  2. tinker12:18 PM

    and maybe i'll spell coupons right when i put down the merlot.

  3. i totally knew what you meant. yeah, i don't like her either, but she has really nice products.

  4. tinker8:27 AM

    this post always makes me say "danger will robinson" in my head.